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Year: 2010

Dec 30, 2010

CHASS Student of the Month – December 2010

Erin Sexton, December 2010 CHASS Student of the Month. 

Dec 15, 2010

Setting the Raleigh Public Record straight

Carrie McGahaCHASS Communications InternThey say the newspaper is dying. More than a decade into the twenty-first century, people have begun to put down their newspapers and get their news off the Internet. Although people may not be sitting down with a cup of coffee and unrolling a printed newspaper these days, a CHASS alum has… 

Dec 6, 2010

Young Learners Get HELPS

Carrie McGahaCHASS Communications Intern“Today my family is going to have a yard sale. At first, I thought a yard sale meant that people were going to buy our front yard.” They are simple sentences, but chances that a fourth-grader in the United States can make sense of them are barely above 50/50. Assistant Professor of… 

Nov 17, 2010

Riding the Cash Cab

CHASS alum Greg Volk has made a career out of coming up with great questions. He has also won Emmy awards for his question-writing prowess on the hit television game show "Cash Cab." Volk's advice to those who want to write for television or movies: write every chance you get. 

Nov 17, 2010

Discovering the lost city and a love for travel

Carrie McGaha CHASS Communications Intern See the world! Climb mountains, visit ancient ruins, improve your foreign language skills! Eat guinea pig! Stephanie Wilson (Psychology ’12) did it all last summer studying abroad in Peru. NC State’s Study Abroad program has greatly impacted thousands of students’ lives over the years. Students grow personally, become catalysts for intercultural… 

Nov 15, 2010

The Dean’s Corner: The Power of Poetry

I recently attended two events that seemed at first blush to be quite different: a poetry reading (delivered in Arabic and English) sponsored by CHASS, and a dinner of US Special Operations Command officers to which I’d been invited by Col. Ken Rataschack, Commander of NC State’s ROTC unit. The contrast between the two groups was… 

Nov 15, 2010

Homegrown Politician

  Running for public office is not for the faint of heart of any age. But what if you’re 21 years old, and a full-time, dean’s-list student like Jenna Wadsworth? The NC State junior is a newly elected district supervisor for the Wake County Soil and Water Conservation District. Wadsworth, a political science/women’s and gender studies… 

Nov 10, 2010

The Triumph of Patriarchy in Kentucky’s History

In his newly-published book, Kentucke’s Frontiers (Indiana University Press, 2010), Professor of History Craig Thompson Friend explains how fear and terror transformed that region’s early promise of an egalitarian life for all into a patriarchal society that favored white men. “The frontier offered opportunity, not just for white men, but for blacks and white women,”… 

Nov 9, 2010

Carol Rahmani Gives Back

Dr. Carol Rahmani (BA ’71, MS ’75, PhD ’81, Psychology) has established an endowed fund in CHASS to support fellowships for graduate students. The Carol H. Rahmani Scholarship is part of a larger gift that supports NC State University. Dr. Rahmani spent her professional career counseling staff, students, and parents in the Wake County schools. Carol… 

Nov 8, 2010

Green Event Brings Renewed Energy to Caldwell Lounge

Carrie McGahaCHASS Communications InternOn any given day you can catch students sleeping, studying or socializing in Caldwell Lounge. One recent afternoon, however, the normally quiet area became a lively environmental information hub. Students from many disciplines created posters for “Green Germany and the Transatlantic Climate Bridge,” which showcased research on Germany’s various environmental initiatives. Communication…